General Privacy and Cookie Policy of WherWe Data Services


At WherWe Data Services, your privacy is of utmost importance to us, and we are dedicated to safeguarding it. The privacy policy outlined here serves as our comprehensive guide, detailing how we collect, use, protect, and manage your personal information when you visit and interact with our website. By using our site, you acknowledge and consent to the practices described in this policy.

Please note that we update our Privacy Policy periodically to keep up with changing regulations and industry standards. We recommend that you review this policy regularly to stay informed about our privacy practices and any amendments to it.

When clients choose to partner with WherWe, we go a step further in ensuring their privacy by creating a bespoke Confidentiality and Privacy Agreement that caters to the specific needs of the project at hand. This customized agreement is designed to address any unique confidentiality requirements, and to ensure that our clients have full confidence in our data handling procedures.

Furthermore, if a client's project involves their customers, such as retail or wholesale stores, we draft an additional tailor-made confidentiality and privacy policy. This policy is then presented to and accepted by the client's customers when they log in or submit a file. This multi-tiered approach to privacy ensures that all parties are well-protected, and their data is handled with the utmost care and discretion.

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